Key dates

From 1903 to today, more than a century of adventures!

Challenges successfully overcome

La navette spatiale Columbia
  • 1903: First east to west crossing of the United States by car.
  • 1927: Aviator Charles Lindbergh makes the first non-stop transatlantic flight aboard the Spirit of St. Louis, which lands safely in Paris.
  • 1981: Columbia space shuttle fitted with BFGoodrich tyres.

Key innovations

Pioneer spirit has always driven all BFGoodrich's research and development teams, who have made decisive breakthroughs in tyre technology over the decades.

  • 1947: first tubeless tyre for American cars.
  • 1965: first radial tyre on the American market: the Lifesaver
  • 1967: first run-flat tyre.
  • 1972: BFGoodrich introduces radial-ply touring tyres in North America, while other manufacturers continue to develop "Bias-ply" tyres
  • 1999: First tyre with coloured tread: the Scorcher T/A
  • 2002: First 24-inch 4x4 tyre

The taste of victory

BFGoodrich vainqueur du Dakar

The stories of BFGoodrich and motorsport are closely linked in America, where it was the first tyre manufacturer to win the legendary Indianapolis 500 two years in succession, in 1914 and 1915, and then in Europe, in the world rally championship and on tracks and deserts the world over, including winning the Dakar eight times since 2002.